Executive Director - David Outman (

We are very pleased to announce that David Outman has joined us as HCT’s second Executive Director.  David has worked at the Trustees of Reservations for the past ten years in their land protection department.  During his tenure he has exercised nearly every land-protection tool available in the Commonwealth – from outright fee acquisition to conservation restrictions and trail easements.  His land protection work even extends into urban environments.  David was Trustees of Reservations’ lead on the Gateway Cities Project in Fitchburg that created a riverfront park with a loop trail on both sides of the river.

A resident of Littleton, David is very familiar with our local area and our special attachment to “place.”  Coming from a state-wide organization, David has contacts throughout the Commonwealth – individual land trusts, specialists in other conservation organizations and people at the state level.  His experience brings myriad examples of how other groups have approached the same challenges that we face at HCT.



Executive Secretary – Julie Weigley (

As Executive Secretary, Julie handles many administrative tasks for the Trust. If you would like one of your photos posted on the Nature Sightings page of HCT's website, or have a question about membership or other Trust issues, please contact her at the above email address. Julie and her husband have lived in Harvard since 1995; their daughter is currently a senior at Bromfield High School. Julie graduated from Bucknell University and holds a master’s degree in public administration from George Washington University.  Previously, she worked for ten years as an administrative assistant at the Harvard Business School.